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Sustainable mobility
Seamless EV Charging station
set up in India.

Ecocharger simplifies the process to open an electric car charging station in India with its state-of-the art EV chargers and flexible EV charging station franchise models. We offer one stop solution for all the electric vehicle charging station set up needs.

EV Chargers
Reliable & Fast EV Chargers
Complete station setup
Owner’s Dashboard
EV Charging Station Software
User App
Scan/Start/Pay for Charging
Electric Vehicle chargers for EV charging station dealership and franchise
Our Vision
EV Chargers for everyone.
Being made in India, we are able to bring down the EV Charging station cost to a exent wherein the ROI and breakeven can be achieved in a year or two. Pioneer in the EV Charging station contractor segment, Ecocharger offers great financial benefits to its CPOs.
Ecocharger was formed
Cities powered by Ecocharger
kWh charged with ecodash
CPOs whitelabed
Made in India EV Charger
Reliable EV Charger manufacturer in India.
Ecocharger collaborates with top Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger manufacturer in India offering completely Made-in-India EV Chargers. Our state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging stations are ARAI and ISO certified to comply with GOI standard for EV Charging.
Image of an EV Charger manufacturer in India
Electric Vehicle Charging Station management software image
EV Charging software solutions
Our principles
of growth
Simple & Smart Products
Ecocharger develops products that are easy to understand and control by our users and CPOs. Our EV chargers are loaded with smart features to minimize the manual control.
Reliable Charging network
Ecocharger’s robust EV charging network gets you covered anywhere you travel across India. We have collaborated with CPOs across every state to help you plan your route beforehand.
Market adaptibility
Electric Vehicle landscape in India is changing everyday, so is the EV Charging market. We keep our products up-to-date to keep in par with the changing market needs.
Commitment to sustainability
We deploy renewable energy solutions wherever suited to reduce the dependency on grid energy. Our energy storage solutions come to play in areas with power outage.