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EV Charging
is future happening now.

Accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility with Seamless Commercial & Home EV Charging Station set up.
Towards Sustainability
Energy for the road ahead.
Ecocharger is building the most reliable, convenient EV Charging network by combining innovative technology with smart design and seamlessly managing the communication between EVs, Power Grid, and EV Charger.
EV Charging Solutions
Electric Vehicle Charging Station solutions for every Business & Drivers.
Business & Commercial
Attract EV owning customers to your business by offering EV chargers as a service.
Residential/ Multi-Family
Retain/Attract tenants with Residential / Multifamily electric vehicle chargers as amenity
Home EV Charging
Own a home ev charger to charge/schedule protect your EV from power fluctuations.
EV Fleets
Electrify your delivery/rental fleets by partnering with us for charging services as CPOs.
Ecocharger commercial and home ev charging station

Hardware solutions

State-of-the-art EV Chargers

Software solutions

Softwares with 100% uptime

Suupport team

24X7 LIVE customer support

Users app

Start/Stop/pay for charging


Complete statipn setup


Bringing customers to you

Ecocharger partner
Creating a sustainable future together.
Join the India’s largest EV charging station network that offers hassle-free first time installation and life time maintenance. We deploy state-of-the-art EV chargers to keep you ahead of the competition.
EV charging station franchise in India
Stations nationwide
Business customers
Years in industry
Cities electrified
Nearest electric vehicle charging station
Our locations
Largest EV Charging network
We have created a robust network of reliable EV chargers in India over a span of 4 years. Our nationwide EV charging stations can be accessed by any EV users to quickly juice up their EVs in no time. Uncover seamless EV charging experience at ecocharger EV charging stations.
How we work.
Survey & Evaluate
Area inspection either online or on-site by our team.
Project Design
Our team plans & designs projects that works best for you.
Charger Installation
In around 25 days, the station is ready to power EVs.
Monitor & Operate
24X7 station monitoring and occasional OTA updates.
Image of mobile application to find electric car charging station nearby
Download ecocharger app
Find EV Charging stations near you with our app.
Download our mobile app to access India’s reliable and convenient EV charging network. Ecocharger EV charging station mobile application allows users to Scan, Charge, and Pay for charging seamlessly from smartphones.
ev charging mobile application download

Compatible EV brands

Commercial EV Charging
Install an electric vehicle charger at your business premises to help customers charge up while they shop at your business. Attract more EV owners by offering EV Charging as a service.
  • AC Charging: 7.4kW to 22kW
  • DC Charging: 30kW to 240kW
Commercial EV Charging Station in India
Home EV Charging station in India
Home EV Charging
Bring home, the ecocharger home Electric car charger for reliable & cost efficient electric vehicle charging. Schedule charging overnight and manage load from the grid hassle-free with ecomini.
AC CHARGING: 3.6kW to 22kW
The Green rush
80% of global economy is now subject to a net zero emissions target

78% of investors believe sustainable investing is a risk mitigation strategy.

80% of global economy is now subject to a net zero emissions target

The global sustainable energy market is expected to reach $823 Billion by 2030.

EV Charging station in your city
One can install EV charging station in India by connecting with a reliable EV Charging station manufacturer like ecochargers. Ecocharger helps to install EV commercial and home chargers for CPOs.
  • EV Charging Station in Tamil Nadu
  • Electric Vehicle Charging station in Gujarat
  • Electric vehicle charging station in Maharashtra
  • Electric vehicle charging station in Kolkata
  • Electric vehicle charging station in Rajasthan
  • EV Charging Station in Kerala
  • Electric Vehicle Charging station in Ahmedabad
  • Electric vehicle charging station in Bangalore
  • Electric vehicle charging station in Delhi
  • Electric vehicle charging station in Assam