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EV Charging is future 

happening now.

India made EV Chargers for Seamless Commercial & Home EV Charging Station set up.
One Stop EV Charging Solutions
Host Station
Set up EV Charging stations for business for added revenue.
Buy EV Charger
Order EV charger for home for faster & safer charging.
Find Station
Locate & navigate to the nearby EV Charging stations.
App & CSMS
Download our EV Charging App for drivers and CPO CMS.
Power Up Everywhere:

Bring Charging to Any Location

Cities & Highways
Set up EV Charging franchise alongside traffic rich highways
Retail Stores
Increase customer footfall by offering EV Charging service.
Apartments/ Housing
Attract EV owning tenants by offering EV Charging as amenity.
Hotels & Resorts
Monetize indoor & outdoor parking spaces.
Creating a sustainable future together.
Join the India’s largest EV charging station network that offers hassle-free first time installation and life time maintenance. We deploy state-of-the-art EV chargers to keep you ahead of the competition.
Image of an EV charging station franchise in India
EV Charging Stations in India & growing everyday.
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Customers being served on different platforms.
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India's largest EV Charging Station provider network.
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Years of experience in EV Charging Station Franchise
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Our locations
Largest EV Charging network
We have created a robust network of reliable EV chargers in India over a span of 4 years. Our nationwide EV charging stations can be accessed by any EV users to quickly juice up their EVs in no time. Uncover seamless EV charging experience at ecocharger EV charging stations.
Getting Started
Check & Survey
Understanding client’s need & installation location
Project Proposal
Our team plans & designs projects, best fit for your location.
Charger Installation
Based on the charger, Installation takes 3-25 days of time.
Monitor & Operate
Monitor stations & withdrawals using the CSMS dashboard
Locate. Scan. Charge.
ev charging mobile application download
Download our mobile app to access India’s reliable and convenient EV charging network. Ecocharger EV charging station mobile application allows users to Scan, Charge, and Pay for charging seamlessly from smartphones & compatible wearable devices.

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The Green rush
80% of global economy is now subject to a net zero emissions target

78% of investors believe sustainable investing is a risk mitigation strategy.

80% of global economy is now subject to a net zero emissions target

The global sustainable energy market is expected to reach $823 Billion by 2030.