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EV Charging 

Station business

EcoCharger leads the sustainable mobility shift by deploying and managing EV charging Stations across diverse locations – highways, parkings, apartments, universities, and beyond!
Image of an EV charging station business and franchise with a DC fast electric car charger
Power Up Everywhere
Bring Charging to Any Location
Cities & Highways
Set up EV Charging franchise alongside traffic rich highways
Retail Stores
Increase customer footfall by offering EV Charging service.
Attract EV owning tenants by offering EV Charging as amenity.
Hotels & Resorts
EV Charging as amenity or monetize indoor & outdoor parking spaces.
Reliable EV Chargers for business
Stay ahead of the competition with Made in India Quality EV Chargers which are safe, reliable, and compatible with all kinds of electric vehicles. We’ve chargers for all project and budget types. See our product line up below.
Why Host a EV Charging Station Business?
Exponential Growth
With the rise in number of EVs, customers are expecting EV Chargers in retail, malls, shops, hotels & more, hence opportunity.
Fastest Returns
Ecocharger’s innovative EV Charging Station business model is oriented towards our CPOs by allowing them to keep 100% of profit.
Easy Charging Station Management with Ecodash
Our secret to hassle-free station management is a reliable charging station management software for CPOs and EV drivers. It gives you complete visibility and control of your station including diagnostics, monitoring, billing, and Accesses.

All these companies trust ecocharger, so will you

EV Charging Business FAQs
Curious about EV Charging stations business and costs involved? We’ve got you covered ! This FAQ answers the most common questions from property owners and managers. Still have questions? Contact us – we’re happy to chat!

There are various types of EV charging based on the output power and charging speed. Here are the types:

  1. Level 1: Compact and Moderate AC Charger with 3.3kW output power.
  2. Level 2 : Reliable AC chargers found at homes and public stations, deliver faster charging.
  3. DC Fast chargers (Level 3): Ultrafast public DC Charging stations offering the quickest charging speeds.

All EV chargers can be installed for businesses, the best choice depends on factors like power output, charging speed, and budget. We  recommend DC fast chargers for businesses, and moderate AC chargers, for a well-rounded approach.

Ecospark series come with a Fast CCS connector compatible with all electric car brands like Tata, MG, Hyundai, audi, and more. While the Ecopod series gets a type 2 connector for electric scooters and cars for AC charging.

Since 4 years, we have provide one stop solution for EV charging station business. Some benefits of choosing ecocharger as your CPO:

  • Made in India ARAI Certified EV Chargers
  • Extremely durable in all weather conditions and anti theft.
  • 24×7 Customer support query resolution.
  • Better Strategies, better profit margin.

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