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Smart EV Chargers for home

More Savings
Safe & Reliable
image of an ev charger installed at home while charging a electric car
Charge 5x faster than regular AC adapters
Our range of Level 1, Level 2 EV home Chargers offer EV owners a seamless way to charge their EVs at Homes and Apartments. Some benefits of home charging:
Eco Home EV Chargers
Locations for Installation
Image of an EV charger installed at home while charging a Tata Nexon EV
Single Home
Image of an EV Charger installed at parking of an rented house apartment
image of an EV charger installed at an housing society
Housing Society
Image of an Ev charger installed at a resort
image of EV charging app for mobile phone with a smartwatch app for ev charging
Charge, Monitor, Schedule using Ecocharger App
ev charging mobile application download
Use our Ecocharger mobile app to view realtime charging status, monitor, or schedule EV Charging, all at the same place. Seamlessly set up your charger, mobile app, and wearable devices for hassle-free EV charging at home.
How it works ?
Power up in no time! Our EV chargers are designed for quick and easy setup. We’ll walk you through the process.
Image of EV charger being ordered online
Order Online
Chargers can be ordered online. You can pay using a quote or an online payment method.
Image of a delivery box with a EV charging station inside
Ordered chargers ship next day to your location via suitable freight method available.
Image of a technician installing EV charger at home
Installation is simple! Any experienced electrician can install the charger with our guidance.
Our service engineers will configure the charger to work with your devices. Then, you’re ready to charge!
Trusted by hundreds of customers
“Absolutely love the sleek design of the Ecopoad home charger! It looks fantastic in my basement parking and the integrated cable management keeps everything tidy. Plus, there’s no messing around with buttons – it’s always ready to charge whenever I need it.”
Mahalaxmi Apartments, Bangalore
image of ev charger for home installed in the basement of apartment
EV Home Charging FAQs
Curious about EV Charging stations business and costs involved? We’ve got you covered ! This FAQ answers the most common questions from property owners and managers. Still have questions? Contact us – we’re happy to chat!
Both Level 1 and Level 2 chargers are right choice for EV charging at home. However, Level 2 chargers are relatively faster than Level 1 chargers, and are best suitable for EV owners residing in single family homes or apartments. The Ecopod can be controlled via Ecocharger app over bluetooth or WiFi.
Charging speed depend on various factors such as Amperage, Vehicle’s charging capability, and model. The Ecopod is a Level 2 AC EV charger with a maximum power output of 7.4kW that can deliver about 65 km of range per hour. It is 5x faster than using a Level 1 EV charger or regular AC adapter.
Charging EVs at home is comparatively cheaper than charging using public DC chargers. Charging at home using a Level 2 EV chargers lets you charge your vehicle at a faster speed using subsidized residential EV Charging rate at Rs. 6-7 per kWh.
Installing a Level 2 or Level 1 EV charger at home is very simple. Once the charger is delivered, any experienced electrician can visit your location to do the installation with our guidance and user manual. Once installed, our service engineers will configure the charger with your mobile devices. The charger is ready to use !