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Reliable EV Charging Solutions for Business & Homes

Complete EV Charging Solutions

DC Chargers

Ecospark Ultrafast DC EV Chargers for business, designed to meet the needs of EV drivers on the move.

AC Chargers

Smarter & Faster AC EV Chargers, suitable for budget friendly Charging Business or charging at home.

Charging CMS & APP

Ecodash is a revolutionary EV Charging Station management software for station owners to remotely manage, monitor, and control EV chargers.
Wide Range of EV Chargers
The Ecocharger Advantage
Wide  Network
Join the nationwide Ecocharger EV charging network, conveniently available through our top-performing websites and apps.
ARAI Certifications
Both our AC and DC chargers are ARAI-certified for safety, efficiency, and performance so you are up-to-date with GOI regulations.
Mounting Options
All our chargers come with various metal & concrete mounting options. Choose one that best suits your location.
Warranty Options
Our chargers come with a 1 year warranty with easy claim procedures. After expiration, we offer annual AMC.
One-Stop EV Charging Software Solution
Ecocharger’s hassle-free EV charging experience is powered by our robust EV Charging Software Solutions. We empower both station owners and drivers, making charging simpler and more efficient for everyone.

Station Owner's Dashboard

User's EV Charging App

Image of a app screen of a EV charging station mobile app

Virtual Customer Support

Every CPO needs a reliable customer support team to attend & resolve customer queries. Don’t worry, we got you covered ! We have a dedicated customer support team available on hire for your EV charging business.

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