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Home » Upcoming EVs of India are likely to use LPF battery technology. 

Upcoming EVs of India are likely to use LPF battery technology. 

Lithium Ferro Phosphate(LPF) battery is used in EVs products since it has a 2 times longer life cycle compared to Lithium-Ion battery.


  • Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery(LPF) is the alternative and better solution to lithium-ion batteries.
  • LPF batteries have longer life cycles compared to lithium-ion batteries.
  •  Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery(LPF) can resist heat and extreme climatic conditions.

As India is making a shift towards electric mobility, many new technologies are emerging in the EV sector. One of which is the Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery (LFP) offering better efficiency and thermal resistance compared to the Lithium-Ion battery.

Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery (LFP) is comparatively better than Lithium-Ion battery because it holds safer lithium chemistry and offers better energy flow. Along with that this LPF battery has 30% higher resistance to heat and extreme climatic conditions, due to its better thermal stability.

Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery is used in  EVs products since it has a 2 times longer life cycle compared to Lithium-Ion battery, it also has the ability to discharge up to 80-90% without damaging the battery in the long term.

Definition of  LFP batteries:

The lithium ferro phosphate(LFP), also known as lithium-ion phosphate battery, is a type of battery with Lithium Chemistry offering better energy flow than a Li-ion battery.

LPF is composed of lithium, iron, and phosphate, which makes the life cycle of these batteries longer and has a slow rate of energy discharge

LFP batteries have better thermal and chemical stability which makes it cooler and provides heat safety. Since the cost of these batteries is also relatively less, therefore it is often used in:

  • The battery used in Electric vehicles. 
  • To store energy for longer periods of time etc.

Uses of LFP batteries in EVs:

LPF batteries does not contain Cobalt or nickel, which are imported from other countries to India, also releases harmful chemical to the environment.

Whereas the LPF battery contains Iron and phosphates which is found in earth crust and readily available in India.

Due to the lower cost of LPF batteries and as it produces less harmful chemicals, it can be used in battery of EVs, which will eventually cut down the cost of manufacturing of EVs in India.

Advantages of using LPF battery pack over only Lithium ion battery pack are:

  • Easily available.
  • Low cost.
  • Longer life cycle.
  • Slow energy discharge.
  • It can cut down the manufacturing cost of EVs in India.
  • It can store energy for a longer period of time.
  • It can resist extreme heat and climatic conditions

As many new battery technologies are evolving in the EV industry, where one of them is LPF battery technology. The LPF battery technology is better than lithium ion battery technology as it provides maximum range, which are less heat producing, and can resist extreme heat and are suitable for Indian climating condition.

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